Cabinet with one ND 514 and one ND 586 drive

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This cabinet was given to me by Mattis Lind of the [ Dalby datormuseum]. It contains a ND 514 (a CDC ... SMB disc drive) with serial number ... and a ND 586 cartridge drive with serial number ... I picked up (loosely speaking, it weigh around 200 kg) the drive in the spring of 2019. With it I also got a similar drive...

Cabinet with a ND 514 and a ND 586 disk.


The ND 514 SMB drive is mounted on top of a rack. Lower down is the ND 586 cartridge drive. The top drive is a bit dismantled but I got a box full of cards, a blower but no power supply.

Newly arrived, just propped up for a few pictures.

Current status

The top disk is partly disassembled but I think it is possible to get it together again. Looks decent enough with respect of how old it is. Page 225 in the 83308400 STORAGE MODULE DRIVE BJ7XX manual shows where the cards go. Looks like I have a RM03 disk I can collect some spare parts from.

Bottom disk is in unknown state but at a glance it looks nice. The brackets holding the front have been bent out of shape during the transport but it's manageable. There is a disk pack loaded in the mechanism.


  • Clean both disks thoroughly.
  • Replace the removed hardware on the top drive.
  • Test!



ND 514

ND 586