ND-110 Satellite 9883.21233

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A ND-110 Satellite model T9 machine in Roger's collection, that was donated from Gandalf.

It is upgraded from a standard T9 though, all board positions are filled.


The system is in the care of Roger and is located in a storage in Umeå, Sweden.


Hardware in the machine is described in this section.


  1. 3108 PIOC/256 - print: K, eco: R
  2. 3094 ETHERNET IF. II - print: E, eco: G
  3. 3095 ND110 CPU&MM 48B, print: , eco: J
  4. 3201 SCSI/FLOPPY, print: B, eco: D
  5. 3042 N0100 2MBY RAM, print: B, eco: C
  6. 3015 HDLC, print:C, eco:V
    1. Switch settings (from above): 0 1 9, switches on board not checked yet.
  7. 3013 N0100 8 TERM IF, print: L, eco: N
    1. Switch settings (from above): 7 7 1 1, So 9600 Baud. Dont know the current loop/rs232 switches position meaning yet, but they differ on the ports....


  • floppy drive : 1.2 Megabytes, 5.25 inch, Toshiba 5862A0K 03 REV. A, *WXAZ614585*, ND 187-3588, ND 103161
  • tape streamer : Tandberg TDC 3640, ND 110217,ND 229-1255, Serial No 378820, Incoming date 30-06-88
  • Hard drive : MICROPOLIS 170MB, M/N:1375, S/N:8052560038, P/N:900579-18-6A1

Power Supply

  • Wiener DN 03, 390 W


  • power connector : IEC type C16
  • console connector : DB25F


On the inside of the front door

  • label at the top
FLOPPY: 187-3588
STREAMER: 229-1255
DISK: 228-1919

On the front of the cabinet (behind the front door)

  • printed label above tape streamer / floppy drive
  • Norsk Data ID LABEL at the bottom
SYSTEM NO: 9883.21233


  • Some basic cleaning as the system has been standing most likely for a long time.
  • Document all serial and model numbers on devices.DoneDone
  • Image the SCSI disk before attempting a boot.DoneDone
  • Image the SCSI tape before attempting a boot.DoneDone
Failed with 0 bytes and errors. Tape seems new and has no labels so is probably blank.
  • Check the power supply condition, start with the test measuring points.
  • Make a cable for the console terminal.


2016-09-29 : Finished documenting serial numbers on devices, reassembled device tray.
2016-09-21 : Pulled out devices tray and PSU. Imagined HDD and read out some info from it. Initial start connected to a linux pc did cause a crackle and bad smell as the drive wound up. Afraid it had let out the magic smoke, but did power off, check everything, and try another powerup. Seems to work fine now, managed to dump out image so hopefully nothing important is broken. Still the HDD bearings sound awful at powerup, so expect this drive wont last. tried to image tape in streamer, but failed. Assume tape is blank, as it has no writing on and streamer seems to work.
2016-09-15 : Started going through the system, documenting it and basic cleaning in preparation for getting it up.
2015: System donated to me from Gandalf.