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A ND-100 full size crate Roger's collection, that was donated from Gandalf.

It is an empty crate, without power supply or anything, this will be a machine thats used for testing.
System will be mounted in my half height rack together with my normal PC:s.


The system is in the care of Roger and is located in a storage in Umeå, Sweden.


Hardware in the machine is described in this section.


Card list
Slot no in Use Product number PCB Number Description Print ECO Serial no Notes
322650 6027 Backwiring. 20 pos backplane
324107 3104 MEM.MAN.II EX.CACH G K
322663 3033 NO100 CPU E T Defective. Console lock
3090 ND100 CPU & MM K R
322663 3033 NO100 CPU E V
324554 3094 ETHERNET IF. II E G 220252
322628 3028 BUS EXP. B K
324012 3112 8" + 5 1/4" FL+STR C G? 185752
324101 3034 NO100 512 KB RAM B C
322613 3013 B M
324129 3042 N-100 512K RAM A
322624 3024 NO100 NO10 BUS AD B F
322629 3029 NO100 UNIV. DMA C F
322627 3027 NO100 FL. DISC CTR. F J



Power Supply







  • Take lots of measurements of crate, until fully documented, possibly a 3D model.
  • Dissassemble, clean and reinstall backplane, CPU & MMU Connector.
  • Document and install cards.
  • Have a frontpanel, but plan to bodge together something smaller, modern and suitable for a testing system after going through it.
  • Adjust cards and get everything set up correctly with IO areas etc.
  • Aquire and install suitable power solution.
  • First power up of CPU, test of system.


2018-11-03: Crate donated to me from Gandalf with some cards, others will be on long term loan.