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Little is known about the NORD-20. It seems to be a slimmed down NORD-10 as it is smaller physically than the NORD-10[1]. The NORD-20 was released before the NORD-10.

NORD-20 in an office settings with ASR-33 terminal, Centronics printer, Facit 4070 punch and a card reader

First installed system in January 1972. In August 1974 a total of 43 systems had been installed[2].

Comparision with NORD-10

The following comparision was made in August 1973.[3]

Cycle time 1.0 us 0.4-0.8 us
Word length 16 16
Memory size 4-16 kWord 8-256 kWord
Price basic system 78.000 NOK 200.000 NOK
Price for typical system 500.000 NOK 2.000.000 NOK


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