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Little is known about the NORD-2B. It appears to have specs similar to the NORD-1, with 4kw - 16kw core memory. It was a simplified and less costly version of the NORD-1. A substantial number of NORD-2B computers were installed at CERN in Geneve, and also at various Norwegian sites.

Front view of the NORD-2B in the Telemuseum collection.

Year of introduction: Possibly 1970, or at least development finishing in 1970. From an article: "In 1970, ND teamed with Siemens and obtained a contract to build a packet-switching network (based on Norsk Data's new Nord 2B machines) for the Norwegian Air Force Supply Service." Also, the NORD-2B Hardware Manual is dated December 1970.

From "Shipping World and Shipbuilder", 1972: "Two NORD 2B computers (each with a 16k memory) communicate with each other through a data channel (ACM) and are connected to the process through a common I/O system. This makes it possible to run PAC functions on both computers."

Remaining machines

This is a first shot at a list of remaining machines. Also machines that is known to be lost will be listed to make it easier to locate remaining ones. We don't have any production numbers yet.

  • NORD-2B serial 05, unknown condition but looks nice from the outside. In the collection of Telemuseum.[1]

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  1. NORD-2B in the collection of Telemuseum, marked 8019