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The NORD Data Entry System is designed to be a very flexible system for entering and validating data in a NORD-10 SINTRAN III computer system. The resulting data may be further processed by any of the NORD system processors such as COBOL, RPG II, SORT, FORTRAN, etc. Alternately, the data may be sent to a host machine via one of the NORD Remote Job Entry processors.

The NORD Data Entry System consists of three subsystems:

  1. NORD Screen Picture Maintenance System
  2. NORD Data Entry Compiler
  3. NORD Data Entry Editor

The NORD Screen Picture Maintenance System is used to define screen picture formats interactively using any video display unit. Many types of field controls may be defined using this system. A description of this system will be found in the document "The NORD Screen Handling System", ND-60.088.01[1].

The NORD Data Entry Compiler is used when specifying the structure of a data entry application and various calculations to be performed on the entered data. The code produced by the Data Entry Compiler is used to control the way in which the Data Entry Editor is to function for a specific application. For many applications it is not necessary to use the Data Entry Compiler.

The NORD Data Entry Editor is the subsystem which is used by the operator who actually keys in the required data. The editor presents the necessary forms on the video display unit and allows the operator to enter data, validate data, inspect data and change previously entered data.[2]


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