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ND-5xxx Filestore serial number ..... was part of the large collection I took stewardship over.

Filestore with doors closed.

Current status

The system seems to be fairly complete but are missing one device but I don't know exactly what. Probably missing a side panel or two. The tape drive seems to be working but I haven't tested it with a tape yet. One drive marked with "bad"

Filestore with SCSI devices :
 1. A large StorageTek 2920 9-track 1/2" tape drive. ND110324
 2. An empty cage with a docking bay for some device.
 3. 5 CDC Sabre SCSI disks of 736 Mbyte each
Included parts :
* Cabinet
Missing parts :
* Unknown device, probably a tape drive.


I have a Linux-computer with a 5V differential SCSI card so I will try to use that one to test and image the disks. The tape drive, if working, will be used to image a number of tapes I have in my collection.