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NORD-10 at CERN 1974

This is a compilation of documentation mentioned in the Norsk Data Documentation Catalogue. Links to online resources and references to where copies of the documentation recide should also be included. Known documentation locations is in the library list.

Manual numbering system

The numbering system consists of three number of the form ND-xx.yyy.zz where xx is the main subject, yyy is a sequential number and zz is the version number. A new version is a full manual replacing the old one. There is also revisions where one or more pages are replaced. Revisions is marked with a letters, starting with A.

The numbering system was changed in September 1988 by adding an 8 in front of the first digit and dropping the first dot. Numbers of the form ND-xx.yyy.zz turned into ND-8xxyyy.zz. The new numbering system was used on all new manuals and on older ones when they were updated or reprinted.

After the number there is an optional two letter designation of the language version and an optional p for preliminary versions.

Main subjects xx

 01 : NORD-1 hardware (also including unnumbered NORD-1 manuals)
 02 : PIOC hardware
 05 : NORD-5, NORD-50, ND-500, ND-5000 CPUs
 06 : NORD-1, NORD-10, NORD-10/S, ND-100, ND-110, ND-120 CPUs
 10 : MPM hardware
 11 : Data storage equipment
 12 : I/O Interfaces
 13 : Miscellaneous hardware
 14 : Domino interfaces
Mixed hardware/software
 20 : Internal System Documentation
 23 : OpenLAN
 30 : Operating, diagnostic, maintenance
 40 : Miscellaneous
 50 : Hardware / software system description
 70 : Documentation packages
 60 : General software
 61 : NORTEXT software
 62 : Test and Verification software
 63 : NOTIS software
 65 : TECH or Technovision software
 80 : Utility software and special documentation
Reference cards
 70 : Documentation packages
 99 : Reference cards

Other printed materials

Not all documentation came in the form of manuals, there were flyers, internal notes and all kind of various material.

  • ND-NYTT, An English version were also made, ND NEWS
    • News about Norsk Data and it's products. Often mentions new models, software and customer cases.

References and sources