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Templates are standard wiki pages whose content is designed to be transcluded (embedded) inside other pages. Templates follow a convention that the name is prefixed with "Template:", assigning it to that namespace. The syntax for insertion of the page "Template:name" is {{name}}.

Most templates in NDWiki are copied (some with modifications) from Wikipedia. Others are made specific for NDWiki. If you lack one template or have an idea about a template, don't keep that for your self, since NDWiki could have good use of it.

A sample of templates

Here is a short list describing some of the most used templates. In Category:Templates you will find all the templates.

Wikipedia style templates

{{Done}} This is an image-based template that may be used on talk pages to show clearly that a section of discussion has been resolved, so that each editor does not have to completely re-read the section.
{{Main}} Link to main article. This template is used below the heading of the summary.
{{Deleteme}} Put this template in top of an article to mark it for deletion.
{{Split}} Put this template in top of an article if you want to suggest that this page should be split into multiple pages.
{{Missing}} Put this template in top of a section that is missing information.
{{Citation needed}} This template is used in articles to identify sentences or short passages which need an inline citation. See Help:Citations on how to put a reference to a source.
{{Stub}} Generic stub template for articles, help pages, categories, templates and NDWiki pages that are very short, or is missing serveral parts.

NDWiki specific templates

{{DocPreStart}} {{DocPreEnd}} These templates are used to start and end a box around some text. The text is preformatted, spaces and line breaks are preserved. These templates are usually used in Documentation articles.
{{ND-doc}} This template takes a Norsk Data Manual number and makes a link to it in the Documentation list.
{{Webref}} This template is used to reference to a online source in a NDWiki article, either direct or indirect.
{{OriginWP-EN}} Put this template in the bottom of an article if you copy it from the English Wikipedia.