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This is a list of things we are planning to do in the near future. Do you want to help out but don't know what? Just pick something on the list.

... add anything you think is needed, it is a wiki.

To do

  • The Main_Page (including the Did you know... is missing "3104 memory management unit") should not have any red links.
  • The help pages should not have any red links.


  • A rudimentary history page. Maybe a copy of sintran.com if we get permission. There is a Norsk Data history page NODAF under GFDL. We should be able to copy that.
  • Trading page, for trade, sell, buy, donate ND stuff
  • External links
  • New front page
  • "Did you know..."
  • Complete the documentation list, at least the titles of the manuals
    • Split off the library part as a separate page.
  • List of known surviving hardware
  • Some pages with articles that gives us something to use as a base in various areas, for example
    • Describe one instruction, like ADD
    • Single manual pages, describing the contents of a manual more detailed. Begin with ND-100 FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION
    • Hardware description of cards 3010, Floppy and 4 terminals module is a good start.
  • List of notable installations on the history page or as a new article.
  • Help pages (See Category:Help pages) that someone try to read and follow (for debugging).
    • A list of coding preferences for this wiki, special templates, categories