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Privacy policy

If you contribute to the NDWiki, you are publishing every word you post publicly. If you write something, assume that it will be retained forever. This includes articles, user pages and talk pages. When using a pseudonym, your IP address will not be available to the public except in cases of abuse.

For more details, see NDWiki:Privacy policy.

NDWiki deletion policy

Deletion of a NDWiki article removes the current version and all previous versions from public view. Unlike page blanking, which can be performed (or reverted) by any user, deletion can be performed only by administrators. Administrators can also view deleted pages and reverse ("undelete") any deletion. All such actions are logged. If in doubt as to whether there is consensus to delete a page, administrators will normally not delete it.

  • If the page can be improved, this should be solved through regular editing, rather than deletion.
  • Pages with an incorrect name can simply be renamed via page movement procedure.
  • If two pages are duplicates or otherwise redundant, one should be merged and redirected to the other, using the most common, or more general page name.
  • Categories can't be renamed, so they are deleted instead. Remember to update all articles using the old category.

Reasons for deletion

Reasons for deletion include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Copyright violations
  • Advertising or other spam without relevant content
  • Content forks (unless a merge or redirect is appropriate)
  • Useless redirects
  • Redundant or otherwise useless templates
  • Redundant or otherwise useless category
  • Categories representing overcategorization
  • The NDWiki community have a consensus for deleting the page (being discussed on the talk page)