NORD-1 Serial 20

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Nord-1 serial number 20 was installed at the University of Bergen in 1970. It was bought by the physics institute to help with bubble chamber data analysis, and according to their plans, it would guide an automatic plate-scanner used for studies in lowenergy nuclear physics, and 5 Gagamelle measurement tables.

Computer configuration

Nord-1 serial number 20 was built 28 november 1969 using the 1-18 backwiring configuration. It was equiped with 48K words of core memory.

  • 48K words (96KB) core memory.
  • 1-18 backwiring for B, C and D card drawers.
  • No paging support (no 188 cards present in system).

Core memory

An Ampex model 1883 64K x 18 coincident current ferrite core memory. 6 modules of 8 are installed, giving a total of 48K words of memory.