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@REGENERATE-DIRECTORY <directory name>

Delete conflicting references to pages and reconstruct the bit file. This command must be used with care (see below).

<directory name>
an entered directory.


  1. Permitted only for user SYSTEM.
  2. All files in the directory must be closed before this command is used. This includes scratch files, which are automatically closed when logging out and can also be closed by @CLOSE 100. User SYSTEM should log out all users and close his own scratch file before this command is used.
  3. The command should be used with care. It may create "holes" in indexed files. This occurs when a reference in an index block is set to zero because it conflicts with another index block or a contiguous file. When trying to read form this page the error message "No such page" is given. The user should take backup of all valuable files before this command is given.
  4. If a page is included in both an indexed file and a contiguous files, it is deleted (0 in index block) from the indexed file.
  5. The bit file is regenerated by this command.
  6. This command may take several hours to complete on a large disk (up to 12 hours on a 10MB disk and up to 3 days on a 288MB disk). Stopping communication and RT-programs reduce the time required for regeneration.
  7. It is advisable to use the FILE-SYSTEM INVESTIGATOR and back up the directory before using this command.



The directory PACK-ONE is regenerated.

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