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This is a list of known surviving Norsk Data hardware. both running and non functional machines. It is only a start and more will be added to the list. If you know of a system not on the list, add it.

  • Sweden, Luleå. One ND100 Compact with Sintran L och Ethernet, some 5740 and 5800 (running NDIX). One ND-10/S including one Hawk, but has not been running for many years.
  • Sweden, Umeå, Göran Axelsson has a ND-100 satellite. Last run a couple of years ago.
  • Sweden, Umeå, There are two ND100 CPU:s with disks and a NORD-10/S in storage. Not in working condition.
  • Sweden, Umeå, A large storage with multiple computers is being cleaned out, among the machines are ND-100, ND-110 satellites, ND compacts, ND-5700 and a lot of other equipment, software and documentation.
  • Sweden, Uppsala, Burbas owns a ND-500 and a ND-110 satellite in running condition.
  • Sweden, Dalby, A ND-10/S with a ND-50 in excellent condition. Can be seen at the Dalby Datormuseum.
  • Norway, Norsk Telemuseum have a number of different systems, rescued when Norsk Data AS closed down.
  • Norway, NODAF have a ND-5700 in running condition.[1]

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