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If you have the responsibility for implementing a display-oriented application, the NORD Screen Handling System (NSHS) can make your job much easier. How? By eliminating the many hours it would take you to design and program a similar control or `front-end' module. As a complete and comprehensive I/O system, NSHS can create files of formatted screen pictures, incorporate these pictures into application programs and enable you to manipulate data and pictures on a video display unit. It can accommodate up to eight different types of terminals simultaneously. All or any part of a picture may be edited extensively and can be made to accept or reject specific values. All or any part of a picture may be displayed differently, that is, underlined, blinking, inverse video, etc. What is more, NSHS can either be used with a background program or be integrated into a real-time system which uses many terminals. NSHS is also an integral part of the NORD Data Entry System. What all this means of course, is that you now have, completely operational, a very powerful and sophisticated software product that can serve you as an essential element in your overall system's approach to designing a VDU application.

A closer examination of the system reveals that NSHS is comprised of two functionally distinct subsystems:

- NORD Screen Defintion System (NSD)

- NORD Screen Library System (NSL)

NSD is the interactive utility program that allows you to create and modify pictures at a display terminal. It is this subsystem that is used in connection with NORD DATA ENTRY System.

NSL is the run-time subroutine library that permits application programs to use the picture formats created in NSD. There are two versions of NSL: one for real-time programs, the other for background programs. Pictures and call formats for both versions are completely compatible.[1]


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