ND-100 Bus

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In the NORD-100 computer system all hardware modules are connected together via a common bus, the NORD-100 bus. All communication between NORD-100 modules is provided by this bus, except CPU, MMS and Cache communication. Therefore, the NORD-100 bus is general purpose, to allow all classes of NORD-100 modules simply to be "plugged" into the system.

Physical arrangement

The NORD-100 bus is available as a printed (card) backplane. The backplane is available in two versions containing either 12 or 21 positions for module connections. The two versions are otherwise equal.


Each NORD-100 bus backplane position contains a total of 96 lines (power and ground lines included).

Logical layout

The ND-100 bus may be divided into two logical parts

  • 24-bit wide parallel multiplexed address / data lines
  • control lines

The paired interrupt control lines (negative logic) INCONTR - OUTCONTR, INGRANT - OUTGRANT, INIDENT - OUTIDENT are connected OUTxxxx to INxxxx (daisy chain). The card position code lines PA0 - PA3 are connected to +5V and 0V like this:

  • PA0:0, PA1:0, PA2:0, PA3:0 - card position: rightmost (furthest from the CPU)
  • PA0:0, PA1:0, PA2:0, PA3:1 - card position: rightmost - 1
  • PA0:0, PA1:0, PA2:1, PA3:0 - card position: rightmost - 2
  • :

in a binary sequence.

The PA0 - PA3 signal lines were previously used by memory cards, but are now no longer used.

All other signal and power lines are independent of card position.


NORD-100 card crates can be linked together via bus expander (BEX) modules. The number of crates to be lined together is set to a theoretical maximum of 8 crates.