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Real name: Torfinn Ingolfsen
Role: Geek and Jack-of-all-trades

Back in old times, I was a user of ND machines, Sintran III, Tandberg terminals (I even did repairs on the terminals) and more. Later I was also a System Operator of ND machines. These days, I am the proud caretaker of a working ND-Satellite/9. You can read more about it on my worklog for the machine: ND 900-135.

The ND-100/CX worklog is here: ND 3392-1669

Contact info (protected email address):

Subpages: Collection, Documentation, Floppy machines, Tips, Testing, sg3_utils, setblocksize,


Stuff I am looking for

2016-09-01: internal SCSI cables (ones with 50 pin IDC plugs on each end), both long and short ones.
2016-05-28: a way to
  • read CDC 848-24 / 9848-24 cartridge disks
  • read (magnetic) tape, probably 9 track CCT
2011-12-20: I am looking for a 3094 Ethernet II Controller (and internal cabling) for the ND-100/CX machine.


2021-05-08: BlueSCSI[1] is another SCSI-controller-for-SDcard project. Mac focus currently, but might work with other machines using SCSI too. And (of course) someone has made a project that use a Raspberry Pi too: RaSCSI[2].

2018-03-29: perhaps the FlashFloppy firmware could be enhanced to support ND formats so we can use a Gotek drive as a floppy drive on ND machines.



slowly copying content from my Sites site (on Google) to my self-hosted site at ND-related content will be at Torfinn (talk) 16:56, 24 June 2021 (UTC)
BlueSCSI PCBs (10x) arrived. Torfinn (talk) 10:28, 25 May 2021 (UTC)
Mouser - components (for BlueSCSI x 5) arrived. Torfinn (talk) 10:40, 19 May 2021 (UTC)
ordered 10x BlueSCSI PCBs (gerber: from JLCPCB. I need to order components too. Torfinn (talk) 17:26, 15 May 2021 (UTC)
ordered components for 5x BlueSCSI from Mouser. Torfinn (talk) 17:42, 15 May 2021 (UTC)
still working on re-creating schematics for the TDV 1200 power / deflection[3] printed circuit board. Torfinn (talk) 11:28, 4 May 2021 (UTC)
I dumped the EPROMs from a Tandberg TDV2200/9 S aka ND320 terminal U93 (D2718A), U32 (D2764D) - these two are the firmware, not sure which is "primitives" and which is "emulator", U63 (D27128A) character generator.
I dumped the following EPROMs from a Tandberg TDV2200/9 aka ND246 terminal: U32 (AM2764) "Primitives II", U33 (D2716) "emulator", U63 (2732A) character generator. I haven't been able to read the contents of the PROM U31 (Mostek MK37013P) "Primitives I" yet. For the datasheet, see Mostek MK 37000 in a Mostek databook.
I dumped EPROMs on the Nokia VDU 301 S terminal mainboard.
I dumped the two EPROM's on the processor board on my Tandberg TDV 1200 terminal. Pictures and more can be found here.


Facit 4070 punch (Centronics) parallel port interface[4]. Another Arduino interface: Facit 4070 paper tape punching with Arduino mega[5] and Github RichardShipman/Facit4070arduino[6].


I got a Tandberg TDV 1200 terminal from a friendly swede. Currently, the terminal isn't working, it needs to be repaired.
it is concluded that the images from the double-sided (aka "format 17b") floppies captured (with FluxEngine) on the trip to the museum storage facility on 2019-04-09 are broken. Images of single-sided (aka "format 0b") floppies are probably ok.
list of the floppies I managed to get a good image of during yesterday's field trip. In this context, good means "able to read the directory with ndfs -t filename.image".
  • ND-10076J - Pascal for ND-100 48bits
  • ND-10133J - Pascal for ND-100 32bits
  • ND-10187J - Pascal for ND-500
  • ND-10333F - ND-500 Monitor
  • ND-210080J - PED
  • ND-210180K - FORTRAN for ND-500
  • ND-210190K - FORTRAN for ND-500
  • ND-210310H - PLANC for ND-500 comPiling on ND-500
  • ND-210523H - Testprogram 100-CPU + MPEST B04, 1989-03-11
  • ND-210523H - N100 Testprogram + STOP-TERMINAL:MODE + MPEST B04, 1990-05-29, Test-Senter 570
  • ND-210628F - SINTRAN III VSE/VSX Utility Programs
  • ND-210716E - NOTIS-CALC for ND-500
  • ND-210855C - Disk Mirroring
  • ND-211004A - NOTIS-Encrypt for ND-100 (Norwegian)
  • ND-211054A - NOTIS-PM for ND-500 (English version)
  • ND-211226A - label says Backup Manager for ND-500/5000, but someone has written "GAMES" on the label, and that is what the files look like too.
  • ND-211227A - File Restore - English version
  • ND-250379A - label says CSI October 1989, someone has written "BILD" on the label, the image contains various :SYMB files

floppies without a ND number

  • CS-TOOLS - contains the file CHEDIR:PROG
  • DMM - Disk Media Maint. Contains TPE-MON + DMM, label says 1988-09-30
  • ND - MPEST B03X / 04, 1990-05-21, "virker på gamle CPU'er"
  • ND - N-100 tester med TPE-MON + MPEST B04, MEMIC
I was lucky enough to be part of a field trip to a museum storage facility. We were permitted to catalog, document (through pictures and otherwise) and sample the ND collection at that facility. I had brought a 5.25 inch floppy drive and a FluxEngine, and was able to capture images from a number of floppies during our hours there. The collection is huge, creating images of all floppies (8, 5.25 and 3.5 inch) is going to take a very long time, even with many people working together.


Facit 4070 punch - PaperTapePuncher[7] allows you to use an Arduino as control unit for a Facit 4070.


2016-10-04: I did some testing of nd100em, and set up a personal worklog page for it.
2016-09-29: the package from (SCSI cables) arrived.
2016-09-23: noticed that has SCSI cables, so I ordered a few.
2016-09-22: the SCSI2SD v5 package arrived.
2016-09-06: the utility setblocksize managed to change the ST31200N drive to 1024 bytes block size, check out the setblocksize subpage.
2016-09-05: I ordered a SCSI2SD v5 from itead (China).
2016-09-04: tried to reformat a SCSI hard drive from 512 byte blocks to 1024 byte blocks with sg_format from sg3_utils. It didn't end well, check out the sg3_utils subpage.
2016-07-28: more magnetic tapes, paper tapes and documentation rescued today.
2016-07-14: a large haul again. Today I got a Facit 4070 paper tape punch, a Facit 4012 (paper) tape winding machine, a Digitronics paper tape reader (it needs a new rubber roller wheel). I got 1 x CDC disk pack 75 MB labeled "Back-up S80A", "800516", 1 x paper tape (green) with unknown code on it (no marks or labels), 3 x rolls of "blank" paper tape (green) + blank tape (green) in Facit 4070 and a lot of documentation.
2016-06-30: Gandalf and a friend delivered me a ND110-Satellite and a Nokia VDU 301 S terminal.
2016-05-28: a large haul today - I got 5 disk cartridges (CDC 9848-24), 9 tapes (the tape is 0.5 inch wide, the spools are around 7 inches in diameter, perhaps this is 9 track CCT?), 1 paper tape (containing RUNOFF:SYMB) and a lot of documentation.
2016-05-24: finished getting NDwiki to run on the new server (with lots of help from Mike and Gandalf).
2016-05-19: I set up a server to run NDwiki on.


2011-11-10: ND-100/CX - testing the machine with the newly fixed drive; after pressing "START" the "RUNNING" light comes on, and after a while the machine boots into Sintran (SINTRAN III - VSX / 500 K). Happy day!
2011-11-10: ND-100/CX - today I fixed the hard drive (a ST-506 drive, Micropolis 1325); it had the "sticky bumper" problem; end stops for the head assembly is made of rubber, which turns sticky after many years. The result is that the head can't "unstick" itself when the drive is powered up. And since the drive doesn't get track 0 (zero) it turns itself off after about a minute. Putting a piece of paper (a thin strip from a post-it note) between the "sticky bumper" and the head assembly fixed that.
2011-10-10: More testing of the ND-100/CX today. The hard drive doesn't respond at all - perhaps the motor isn't spinning at all?
2011-09-23: Today I got a ND-100/CX Compact machine and a Tandberg TDV2200/9 terminal delivered to my apartment! Thanks!. The key switch on the panel is broken, hard drive drive doesn't seem to work, and I don't have any 5.25 inch ND floppies, but I am still very happy.


2010-12-03: I tested and verified the (serial) terminal ports on the back of the machine. Terminal 48 - 51 (ports 6 - 9) are set to current loop, and all works. Terminal 36 - 39 (ports 2 - 5) are set to RS-232, but only terminal 38 and 39 are working
2010-12-03: The machine now boots straight into SINTRAN III (from hard drive) when powered on. Yay!
2010-11-29: The ND-Satellite/9 boots SINTRAN III again; this is the first time since I got the machine.
2010-10-24: my contributions to this site (if any) can be licensed under any license Mike wants to use. Torfinn 15:45, 24 October 2010 (UTC)
2010-10-23: it seems like the winchester disk in the ND-Satellite/9 doesn't want to play. Everything powers up, and the drive is spinning, but I get errors when trying to read from it.
2010-10-22: I got myself a ND-Satellite/9 machine, two terminals (ND 320 and ND 246), two boxes of floppies (8 inch) and some manuals from a nice fellow in town. Cool!

Various links

Just various ND-related links that I have found and want to find again.

See my links page: User:Tingo/Links