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ND320 is the product number of the Tandberg TDV 2200/9 S terminal.


The mainboard contains three EPROMS: U32 (2764), U63 (27128A) - character generator and U93 (27128A). If this terminal follows the previous ones in the TDV 2200-series, one EPROM contains the emulator, while the rest (one or two) contains primitives. For this terminal it is unknown which of U32 and U93 is emulator / primitives. Dumps are available[1]. sebras has made a python script to extract the font from the character generator dump and convert it to an image, see sebras/norsk-data-vdu-301-s[2] on Github.


Pictures of the terminal.

Keyboard pictures

Pictures of the inside.

Pictures of the mainboard

Configuration screens. Hold down Ctrl and press "HELP" twice.

Font used by terminal

ND 320 with Graphics option, pictures by Frodevan[3].


The Github repository Supermagnum/Tandberg[4] contains more ROM dumps for this terminal.