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Real name: Roger Abrahamsson
Role: Sysop and Bureaucrat

About me

Unix geek, who began hacking on Apple II's with Corvus systems, and the good old ND100.


Roger 14:20 , 20 October 2009 (UTC): For my contributions to NDWiki Mike may use any license he sees fit.

ND100 related projects I'm working on:

The nd100em, where I work in periods. Currently can run some nd100 software, emulates paging, IOX errors, and some panel and devices.

Related to this is a tool to work with IMD diskette images, and a filesystem tool for raw images to pull out ND files.

PROM reader using a Raspberry Pi, to pull out info from PROMs, PALs, EPROMs etc from real ND systems.

Also working on implementing 3002 CPU board in verilog.

For a better filsystem tool, and standalone disassembler check out User:TArntsen

Have one ND-110 Satellite System: 9883.21233