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Real name: Roger Abrahamsson
Role: Sysop and Bureaucrat

About me

Unix geek, who began hacking on Apple II's with Corvus systems, and the good old ND100. Also had the following non PC computers:

 Microprofessor II,
 Commodore 128,
 Amiga 2000


Roger 14:20 , 20 October 2009 (UTC): For my contributions to NDWiki Mike may use any license he sees fit.

ND Hardware

Looking for

Different ND100 and ND10 cards that we don't have in our collection.

ND100 related projects I'm working on:

The nd100em, where I work in periods. Currently can run some nd100 software, emulates paging, IOX errors, and some panel and devices.

Related to this is a tool to work with IMD diskette images, and a filesystem tool for raw images to pull out ND files.

PROM reader using a Raspberry Pi, to pull out info from PROMs, PALs, EPROMs etc from real ND systems.

Also working on implementing Different ND hardware in verilog.

Redoing schematics and PCB layout for some ND10 cards, to be published here. Mainly to be able to get old incomplete or faulty systems up and running again.

For a better filsystem tool, and standalone disassembler check out User:TArntsen