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3006 is the Pertec magnetic tape module.


Pertec tape controller.

Switches and indicators

From top of the card:

Yellow LED indicators

  • Read - read from the tape
  • Write - write to the tape
  • PD CLCK - a data transfer is in progress
  • Active - Controller active

Device number - thumbwheel switch with the following positions:

  • 2 - Mag. tape 1, Device no. 520, Ident no. 3
  • 3 - Mag. tape 2, Device no. 530, Ident no. 7

Setting 4 - 15 is not used.

IOX address bit 15 active will inhibit this card.


The A and B connectors are used for I/O, the C connector is used for the ND-100 Bus.

I/O Devices on the card