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3032 is the Memory port MPM-4.


What does it do?

Switches and indicators

  • GRANT (yellow) : lit when this port has been allocated a memory cycle.
  • ADOK (yellow)  : indicates address ok. This port has received a requested on the connected channel; is lit until the next request on the channel.
  • REFRESH TIMEOUT: green - normal situation, red - indicating refresh timeout (reset my MCL from master CPU).
  • thumbwheel 1 - Interleave bank selector
  • thumbwheel 2 - Interleave selector
  • Base-setting display
  • Upper-limit display
  • Lower-limit display
  • Base address switches
  • Upper limit switches
  • Lower limit switches

For Base, Upper and Lower limit switches: the most-significant switch is topmost, and the least-significant switch is closest to the bottom of the card. The address area for a PORT is decided by the setting of lower and upper address limit. The limit-address increments are 64K units.


The A and B connectors are used for I/O, the C connector is used for the ND-100 Bus.

I/O Devices on the card