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3105 is the 8-telex interface.


What does it do?

Switches and indicators

  • thumbwheel 6, Baud-rate selection, group A
  • thumbwheel 5, Baud-rate selection, group B
  • thumbwheel 4, Terminal group selection, group A
  • thumbwheel 3, Extended address selection, group A
  • thumbwheel 2, Terminal group selection, group B
  • thumbwheel 1, Extended address selection, group B

Extended address selection (TH1 and TH3) have only two valid positions: 0 - normal address range, 1 - extended address range. Extended address range means terminals 65 to 128. These terminals are reached only by using the ND-100 instruction IOXT.


The A and B connectors are used for I/O, the C connector is used for the ND-100 Bus.

I/O Devices on the card