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@COPY-FILE <destination file>, <source file>

Copies data between peripheral units and files.

Copies data from a source to a destination file. The file is copied page by page if both files are mass storage files. The command reads pages of 1K words from <source> file and writes on the <destination> file. <destination> may be a new file to be created by enclosing the name in double quotation marks. Data is completely code-independent and the copy operation continues until all pages has been copied from a file or until time-out is received from a peripheral unit.

This command may also be used to copy to or from peripherals.

This command will also correctly copy files with holes.

<destination file>
a file to which data is copied. It may be any type of file (default type = DATA).
<source file>
a file from which data is copied (default type = SYMB).


  1. Permitted for all users.
  2. If the <destination file> is a peripheral file and the mass storage <source file> is an indexed file with a hole, the copying will stop at the hole and an error message is produced ("no such page").
  3. If both files are mass storage files, the file is copied including the hole.
  4. All pages allocated to the <source file> are copied, except if there are zero bytes in the file.
  5. If the <destination file> does not exist, quotes may be used to create the file. The file will then be indexed.

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