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The stand-alone streamer backup program.

This program copies up to a 75 Mb disk from the disk system to the tape, starting from page 0 on the disk. The first page of the tape contains information about the backup date, which disk unit the backup was copied from and the number of pages. You will also get CPU information and the version of the backup system.

If backup is taken daily, the read/write heads should be cleaned once a week. If backup is taken weekly, clean the heads once a month. For details on how to clean the read/-write heads see the Operator manual for your machine type.

Streamer backup should only be taken by the system supervisor. DIR-BACKUP, the program which is used for taking streamer backup when SINTRAN is not running, is described in greater detail in:

ND-100 COMPACT Operator Guide ND-30-031-02[1]

In order to load the program for taking streamer backup, the operating system should first be stopped as explained on page 75: CONTROLLED STOP OF SINTRAN[2].


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