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DOMINO is a range of high speed IO-controllers for ND-5000 computers. DOMINO introduces new hardware and software architecture.

The DOMINO Controllers are connected to the common MF-Bus memory (former MPM-5). Each controller is capable of transferring data to and from this memory via DMA. Synchronization between controllers and CPU:s is done via semaphore cycles.[1]

Physical Implementation

A DOMINO Controller is built according to common specifications. The local CPU is a 68020 running DOMINOS, an operating system kernel. DOMINO cards fits into the MF-bus crate and has a MF-bus controller. The MF-bus controller have a connector where a terminal can be connected for configuration and maintenance purpose.

Local Memory

A DOMINO controller can have between 1/2 to 8 Mbyte local memory with parity.

Status LED

A DOMINO controller has at least three LED:s in different colors.

  • Yellow, shows activity of the 68020 controller. It shows running or idling.
  • Green, shows if the application is running or not.
  • Red, shows an error condition by flashing different patterns.
    • Off, no errors detected.
    • Constant on, selftest found some error after reset.
    • Fast flashing (on and off in 0,5s pulses), OPCOM receives a NAK when expecting a ACK.
    • Short one long off, something unusable received from OCTOBUS.
    • Two short on one long off, error returned when connecting to OMD.
    • Three short on one long off, MPROTSET returns error when setting up memory protection.
    • One long and two short on, host switch stack is empty, nobody to send to.
    • One long and three short on, OCTOBUS driver interface called with invalid function code.
    • One long and four short on, OCTOBUS driver returns error when connecting to emergency message 177B or 176B.
    • One long and seven short on, the path used in OPCOM is unknown.
    • Regular very slow flashing, error returned from OCTOBUS driver when sending.
    • Regular flashing long on short off, overflow on the host switch stack.

Software components

PROMAN, short for PROcessor MANager, is a server process running on ND-100. It is started immediately after system start and is responsible for booting the DOMINO controllers. Requests to PROMAN are sent by NUCLEUS. Configuration of DOMINO controllers are made either automatically via predetermined images or manually via a configuration file. Configuration is normally done at system integration to suit the customers need but can be changed by field technicians.

Module numbers

Module Number Hardware-id Type of module
5B VMEI VME-bus interface
20B IPI3 IPI level III controller
21B SCSI SMDE controller (SCSI)
22B ETH3 Ethernet III
23B FPS5 FPS-5000 controller
24B TERM Terminal controller
25B GRAP Graphical controller
26B MFCC Multi function comms controller
27B VMEC VME-bus controller
30B DMAC MF-DMA controller


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