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  1. Permitted for all users but some subcommands are restricted as shown below.
  2. Messages can be sent in two ways:
    1. to a mailbox - the receiver is notified when logging in and out. He collects his mail by entering the @MAIL command.
    2. as direct mail - the message is sent immediately.
  3. Broadcasts can only be sent by user SYSTEM. A broadcast is mail to all users, either through the mailbox or as direct mail.
  4. The mail system can only be in use by one user at a time.


  1. For all users:
  • *EXIT - exit from the mail system.
  • *HELP - list all available subcommands.
  • *SEND-DIRECT-MESSAGE <logical device number> - type message terminated by CTRL/L. The message is sent to the terminal with the <logical device number>.
  • *SEND-MESSAGE <user name> - type message terminated by CTRL/L. The message is routed to the users mailbox. $ and ' (apostrophe) are handled as for *BROADCAST below.
  1. For user SYSTEM:
  • *BROADCAST - type message terminated by CTRL/L. It is put in the mailbox of all users. $ is translated as CR, LF. Apostrophe (') is not permitted.
  • *DELETE-BROADCAST <broadcast index> - the message will be deleted from all mailboxes. <broadcast index> can be found by *LIST-BROADCASTS.
  • *DELETE-MESSAGE <message number> - the message will be removed from the mailbox. The number can be found by *LIST-MESSAGES.
  • *DIRECT-BROADCAST - type message terminated by CTRL/L. The message will be sent immediately to all terminals. $ and ' (apostrophe) are handled as for *BROADCAST.
  • *INITIALIZE < max number of messages> - this command must be given by user SYSTEM before the mail system can be used. It can also be used to reset the mail system. The mail is collected in the file (SYSTEM)MAILBOX:DATA. The maximum length of a message is 512 characters.
  • *LIST-BROADCASTS <output file> - all broadcats are listed with their broadcast number on the output file (default = TERMINAL).
  • *LIST-MESSAGES <output file> - as above, but messages are listed.
  • *RUN-MAIL-SYSTEM - restarts the mail system after SINTRAN start or after a *STOP-MAIL-SYSTEM command. The contents of the mailbox file will be retained.
  • *STOP-MAIL-SYSTEM - the mail system is made unavailable. No mail is lost.

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