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Disk Restore.


Program to restore the main directory from a backup.


The following are required in order to use this product.


Computer: ND-100 CX with Memory Management II and minimum 2 MB memory or ND-110 with minimum 2 MB memory.



Special for SCSI devices: DISC-SCSI-1 (system directory) and STREAMER-1 are the only SCSI devices that are handled by this program.


PD- or PI-sheet



When the main directory is destroyed, for instance in connection with a physical disk crash, SINTRAN and the Backup System are not running. In tjhis case, you can use the stand-alone program DISK-RESTORE to restore the main directory.

NOTE: Only backups take with the Backup System command DEVICE-COPY can be restored with DISK-RESTORE.

The DISK-RESTORE program is delivered on three floppy diskettes, 211187A<rev>-XX-01D, 211187A<rev>-XX-02D and 211187A<rev>-XX-03D.

Note that the program must be run from TERMINAL-1 (the console).

  • insert 211187A<rev>-XX-01D in floppy diskette unit FLOPPY-DISC-1, unit 0.
  • Execute the following commands. Do not press ENTER after 1560&:
  -- FLOppy to MEMory copying --
Insert next floppy and type any character to continue -->
  • Remove 211187A<rev>-XX-01D and replace it with 211187A<rev>-XX-02D. Type any character to continue.
  • You are then asked to insert another floppy diskette. Insert 211187A<rev>-XX-03D and type any character to continue.

If the starting of DISK-RESTORE is successful, you get the following message:

-- End of copy, starting now the SINTRAN
hh.mm.ss mm.dd.yy ERROR 40 IN BAK01 AT 35104; POWER FAIL
  • Press ENTER to get the prompt Di-Re: on the screen. Mount the backup storage medium on the source device, and execute the command RESTORE-DISK:
Destination device name: DISC-70MB-1
Destination device unit: 0
Source      device name: STREAMER-1
Source      device unit: 0

Mount the first backup medium on STREAMER-1 unit 0
Mounted (Yes/No?): YES

Copying...... <The operation takes some time!>
Comparing ... <The operation takes some time!>

Restoring operation successful! Perform a warm start to get the system running.

  • You may now continue with DISK-RESTORE.

If you want to start SINTRAN, type the following after the prompt Di-Re:


Do not press ENTER after '&'.


Date of release, production, revision.




Images (made with dd) of 5.25 inch floppies.

or all in a zip file

Note: only the first floppy image is in directory format.


Files on 211187A00-XX-01D image

tingo@kg-core1$ ndfs -t 211187A00-XX-01D.image
Directory name            : 211187A00-XX-01D
Object file index pointer : 508 SI: 0x1 (indexed)
User file index pointer   : 510 SI: 0x1 (indexed)
Bit file pointer          : 306 SI: 0x0 (contiguous)
No. of unreserved pages   : 311
  0   0: I        2 pages      2612 bytes 1987-08-14 12:45:07 (FLOPPY-USER)FLOMEM:BPUN
Directory size: 611 pages
Bit file size : 1 page 

the two other floppies are not in directory format.