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The ND-500 is a 32-bit superminicomputer delivered in 1981 by Norsk Data. It relied on a ND-100 to do housekeeping tasks and run the operating system, SINTRAN III.

A configuration could feature up to four ND-500 CPUs, in a shared-memory configuration.

Hardware implementations

The ND-500 architecture lived through four distinct implementations. Each implementation was sold under a variety of different model numbers.

ND also sold multiprocessor configurations, naming them ND-580/n and an ND-590n, where n represented the number of CPUs in a given configuration, 2, 3, or 4.


Sold as the ND-500, ND-520, ND-540, and ND-560.


Sold as the ND-570, ND-570/CX, and the ND-570/ACX.


A 31-bit version of the ND-500 machine. Pin 27 was snipped on the backplane, removing its status as a superminicomputer, allowing it to legally pass through the CoCom embargo. Cocom (Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls) was an embargo on Western exports to East Bloc countries during the Cold War.[citation needed]


The price of the smallest ND-500 system in 1981 was 400.000 German mark.[1]


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