ND-5200-Compact Serial 5282.20502

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ND-5200 Compact Serial number 5282.20502 was part of the large collection I took stewardship over.

Current status

The system seems to be fairly complete but are missing the disks and possibly some other pieces too. A new 110 CPU is no problem to find. But it isn't easy to know with these systems if we are close to the original configuration, since they seems to be wired universally and can take a lot of different cards. Some pieces are probably among the loose parts I have, like side panels and front panel. I'm doing an inventory to see what should be included in the unit to make it complete.

ND-5000 Compact card rack old type :
 1. Pnr 320001 ND-5000 CPU type 1
 2. Empty, occupied by the CPU
 3. Empty
 4. Empty
 5. 5464 2 DOUBLE BUS CONTR.
 6. Empty
 7. 3042 NO100 2MBY RAM
 8. 3042 NO100 1MBY RAM
 9. 3023 NO100 MEGALINK IF
10. 3094 ETHERNET II
11. 3108 PIOC/256
12. 3013 NO100 8 TERM IF.
13. Empty, with jumper
14. 3021 SCSI/FLOPPY
15. Empty
16. 3013 8 TERM IF.
17. Empty, with jumper
18. 5904C PLUG BOARD-1
19. 5905C-3 PLUG BOARD-2
20. 5905C-3 PLUG BOARD-2
Included parts :
* Cabinet type 1.1
* Floppy and streamer combo
* Fans
* Ethernet connector + cable
* All plastic parts
Missing parts :
* Power supply
* Obviously the ND-110 CPU
* ND-5000 side memory (MFB Dynamic RAM)
* Disks (60 Mbyte - 4 x 125 MByte )


I will try to make the system as complete as possible. Hopefully I can get it in working order some time in the future. First it will be documented.