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The ND110324 is a re-branded StorageTek model 2920 9-track tape drive.

Technical data

  • Interface : SCSI HVD (5V differential)
  • Rack mounted, vertical orientation
  • Weight 58 kg
  • Tape formats 1600 / 6250 BPI [1], selectable manually or via software
  • Auto load function but possible to load manually too

Fault codes

The drive have a lot of tests done during operation and can display a hexadecimal fault code on its built in display. From 001 up to F13. For the complete list of fault codes, look in the FCD (Fault Code Dictionary) manual. [2] Depending on interface and microcode version different fault codes can be displayed.

Microcode level

The drive can have several versions of microcode. To find the version of a drive, use the following front panel sequence.

<ENTER ADDR>,1FFA,<ENTER> : displays msb of the release level
                  <ENTER> : displays lsb of the release level


There are a number of options that can be configured by switches on the interface card. (See chapter 6.1.8 in the service manual from Apr88[3])

  • SCSI Bus ID
  • Enable SCSI Bus Parity
  • Connect TERMPWR to Pin 25
  • Connect TERMPWR to Pin 26
  • Enable DIFFSENS
  • Disable Timeouts
  • Report EOM.on Read
  • Disable GCR Write Correction
  • Write Buffer Threshold
  • Read Buffer Threshold
  • Number of Write Retries
  • Number of Read Retries
  • Buffer Size After Early EOT
  • Sync on 2 Filemarks