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ND242 is the product number of the Tandberg TDV 2215 terminal, known by ND as Display Terminal Tandberg TDV 2215. It can be run in a TDV 2115 compatible mode, or in its native mode.


Notable features.


The terminal has eight PUSH-keys, providing (by use of SHIFT) sixteen functions. PUSH, Programmable Utility for String Handling, allows the user (or the host computer) to program often used words or code sequences that can be transitted by pushing the appropriate PUSH-key. The strings associated with PUSH-keys are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost when power is turned off.

Character limits

Each PUSH key has a limit to how many characters it can store. The limits are:

  • P1 to P8: 12 characters
  • P9 to P12: 32 characters
  • P13 to P16: 48 characters

Language versions

The terminal exists in several versions (different local language): Danish, English, French, German, international, Norwegian and Swedish.

  • TDV 2215 International (product number 4021)
  • TDV 2215 ECMA Norwegian (product number 4023)
  • TDV 2215 Norwegian (product number 4025)
  • TDV 2215 Norwegian MkII (product number 4075)
  • TDV 2215 VIP Norwegian (VIP 7700) (product number 4163)
  • TDV 2215 Swedish (product number 4027)
  • TDV 2215 German (product number 4040)


Available options:

  • ND 243 RS 232/V 24 Printer Interface for ND 242
  • ND 244 Current Loop Interface for ND 242
  • ND 245 Print Buffer for ND 242

From Tandberg, the options are described as follows:

  • Print buffer (2K)[1]
  • Current loop adapter on the line interface (product number 961145)
  • Current loop adapter on the printer interface (product number 961145)[2]
  • V.24 adapter on the printer interface (product number 961145)[2]


I found a termcap[3] file with entries for the TDV 2215 and other terminals. And one[4] with comments, too.

Other info


To access the setup menus, hold down the CTRL key and press the HELP key twice in quick succession.



The terminal has the following standard interfaces (resident on mainboard):

  • Channel A: V.24, V.11
  • Printer: V.11
  • Keyboard: V.11


Optional interface adapters (plug-in boards)

  • Channel A: Current Loop
  • Printer: V.24, Current Loop
  • Channel B: V.24, V.11, Current Loop

Note: the terminal can only have two optional interface adapter boards at the same time.

Mainboard versions

The mainboard has been produced in two versions:

  • early version: revision level 10 - 14
  • new version: revision level 15 and higher.

The new version was introduced in October 1981, and uses static RAM chips instead of dynamic RAM chips. The two versions are interchangeable.[5]

Non-volatile memory

The terminal has 512 bytes of non-volatile memory used for storing Soft-switches and PUSH-key strings. This memory is an EAROM[6] organised as 1024 x 4 bits.


Firmware options, as described in the Illustrated Parts List in the Hardware Manual.

Primitives 4 x 2 k PROM (Ordering number 961153)

Primitives and application program TDV 2215 (Ordering number 961340)

Primitives and application program TDV 2220 (Ordering number 961341)

Primitives and application program TDV 2230 (Ordering number 961342)

RAM 2 k (Ordering number 387586)

TDV 2215 Firmware (Ordering number 961150); consists of: Primitives and application program, RAM 2 k, Memory module

TDV 2220 Firmware (Ordering number 961151); consists of: Primitives and application program, RAM 2 k, Memory module

TDV 2230 Firmware (Ordering number 961154); consists of: Primitives and application program, RAM 2 k, Memory module


TDV 2215 Owner's Manual (product number 961327).

TDV 2215 Reference card (product number 404279).

TDV 2215 Functional Specifications (product number 385604).

TDV 2200 Series Hardware manual (product number 961328).

TDV 2200 User's Guide (product number 397262).

TDV 2200 Specifications & Installation Guide (product number 398943).

TDV 2200 Service Manual (product number 961326).


Pictures of mainboard, supplied by Frodevan[7].


The Github repository Supermagnum/Tandberg[8] contains more ROM dumps for this terminal.


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