ND Relocatable Format

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ND-500(0) compilers and the ND-500 assembler generate NRF files consisting of one or more NRF modules. The modules contain NRF control groups, which are NRF control numbers plus additional information.

NRF Control Numbers

  • N: Numeric Field
  • S: Symbolic Field
Summary of NRF control numbers
Control Number Mnemonic Trailing info Brief description
08 NUL N Symbol ignored
18 BEG N Beginning of module
28 END N End of module
38 MSA N Main start address
48 LIB N, S Library
58 DEF N, S Program symbol definition
68 REF N, S Program reference
78 LRF N, S Library reference
108 DDF N, S Data symbol definition
118 DRF N, S Data symbol reference
128 RMV N, S Remove symbol
138 SLA N, S Set load address
148 AJS N Adjust
158 PMO N Set progam mode
168 DMO N Set data mode
178 FMO N, S Set free mode
208 REP N Repeat
218 LDI N Load immediately
228 ADI N Add immediately
238 APA N Add program address
248 ADA N Add data address
258 IHB N Execution inhibit (compiler errors)
268 EOF N End of file
278 DBG N Debug
308 LBB N, S Library module bytepointer
318 MSG N, S Message
328 MIS N Miscellaneous
0 GCR0 Start of compound group
1 CGR1 End of compound group
2 ADD Add reference value
3 SUB Subtract reference value
4 MUL Multiply by referenced value
5 DIV Divide by referenced value
338 LDN N Load N bytes immediately
348 IL1 Illegal
358 IL2 Illegal
368 IL3 Illegal
378 IL4 Illegal