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The NORD-10/S was a 16-bit medium scale general purpose computer system[1] made by Norsk Data, introduced in 1975. It was a follow up to NORD-10 and introduced cache, paging, and other miscellaneous improvements.


Memory size may vary from 1K to 256K 16-bit words. Both read-only and read/write memories may be used.

Maximum virtual memory address space is 128 Kbytes.

Maximum physical memory address space is 512 Kbytes.[1]

Interrupt System

16 priority interrupt levels each with 8 registers.[1]

Bootstrap loaders

The NORD-10/S has bootstrap loaders for both mass storage and character oriented devices[1]. Three different load formats are standard:

  • octal format load
  • binary format load
  • mass storage load

Custom Instructions

The NORD-10/S provides up to 1024 customer-specified instructions. These instructions are micro-programmed in a programmable read-only memory, which is added onto the standard read-only memory.[1]


Whetstone results [2]
MWIPS MWIPS double precision Language Date
0.153 0.0019 Fortran 1974

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