NORD-50 Serial 37

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NORD-50 Serial number 37 came to me from the Dalby datormuseum. I picked it up in August 2018. I will add to the history later on.

Judging from the dates on a random card, the computer was built in 1976.

Serial number plate

With the computer came a number of NORD-50 manuals I haven't seen before.

Other NORD-50 manuals on-line is.


The system is equipped with...

  • Two crates of Big Multiport Memory
  • ... more when I have had time to go over the system

Missing parts and damages

  • The side panels are missing.
  • Power distribution panel.

Operators panel


It's hard to tell the exact price, the NORD-50 was sold as a package with a NORD-10 included. In the February 1981 price list the most bare-bone system, ND-1439/S cost 540.000 NOK while a NORD-10 alone cost 74700, putting the NORD-50 basic system at 433.000 NOK. There is no mention of how much memory was included at that price.

Current status

Looks almost complete, a few memory cards are missing in the Big Multi Port Memory but the remaining ones can be re-positioned to give a whole memory system.


I will go through the system and clean it up. I also have to go through the cards to check that none is placed in the wrong slot. Then I need a NORD-10 to connect to as an interface. It will probably take some time before I can even contemplate to run this machine.

Further inventory have revealed that I have no NORD-10 cards to connect a NORD-50. I have drawings of the cards though so if I can't find a card I might build one.