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NORDFORSK - the Scandinavian Council for Applied Research - was a joint Nordic body for the promotion and co-ordination of inter-Nordic R&D activities in six major fields of technology.[1]

The five technical research councils and the four academies of science and technology in the Nordic countries set up NORDFORSK in 1947. These councils and academies financed most of the projects initiated by NORDFORSK. The guiding principle was joint venture.

The idea of joint venture is that technical progress poses identical problems in two or more countries. Co-ordination of R&D will therefore yield higher efficiency and rational utilisation of available resources.

The fields covered by NORDFORSK were

  • Technical information and documentation
  • Materials technology
  • Environmental technology
  • Social technology
  • Computer, control and component technology
  • Inter-disciplinary research and co-ordination

NORDFORSK's responsibilities were taken over by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1986.

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