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The SPRINT Spooling system is the spooling[1] system (print handling system) for SINTRAN III.[2]


  • Easy to use for end-users
  • Fast release of the user's terminals
  • Screen and menu oriented
  • End user and supervisor classification
  • Data description module for different printer types
  • Built-in security functions
  • Multisystem processing for remote printers
  • SPOOLING LIBRARY for routines used by application programs


SINTRAN III operating system version J or later.

Practical information

Maximum number of printers in a system is 60. NOTIS-WP version N requires the SPRINT Spooling System.

ND product(s)

SPRINT is a part of the following ND product(s)


Norsk Data Document ND–60.252.1 THE SPRINT USER GUIDE