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The TANDBERG TDC 3640 is a QIC-120 SCSI tape streamer, used in some ND systems. It can record up to 125 megabytes on a cartridge.

Tape format

  • The QIC-120 format used by the 3640 model uses a 1/4" 15-track 125MB DC6150 cartridge


  • Two printed circuit boards: Mainboard and Sensorboard
  • Drive electronics: Motorola 68HC11 plus two custom ASICs
  • 64KB read/write RAM buffer
  • I/F to host: SCSI standard, revision 17B
  • Power requirements: +5V 250mA, +12V up to 3.9A peak (start-up) (2.25W (idle) - 15W (motor running)

Recommended media

  • QIC-24 3M DC600A (60MB) or QIC-120 3M DC600XTD (125MB) tapes, 183m/600-foot
  • Alternatively, other high quality tapes with equal mechanical tolerances, certified for 12500 FRPI ('Flux Reversals Per Inch')

The documentation is pretty insistent about this.