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Most inline notices use virtually identical formats. This template is designed to provide a single standardized format which can accommodate the different text, links, and categories of individual templates.


|link = <Page which text should link to, without brackets> (default = NDWiki:Cleanup)
|text = <Text to be displayed for the link>
|pre-text = <Optional text to print before the linked text>
|post-text = <Optional text to print after the linked text>
|class = <Class to set text to> (default = "noprint Inline-Template"; neither should be removed,
but additional classes can be added, e.g. "noprint Inline-Template FooBarBazQuux")
|title = <Tooltip text to display when mouse is hovered over link>
|special = <Optional replacement for text, link, title, pre-text, and post-text - 
allowing user to define a non-standard format>
|date = <Optional date parameter to be displayed at end of 'title' and/or in cat-date>
|cat = <Category to include page in>
|cat-date = <Category to include page in - with optional date parameter in the category name>}}

This template is used by Template:Citation needed.