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ND-100 CX serial 843 is an early machine with the classical orange color scheme. It is housed in a half height rack. The serial number plate have the NORD-100 name and so does the front panel too.
The machine is probably not in it's original configuration as the previous owner planned to make a media converter machine and had started to put together the hardware for it by adding a 5.25 inch floppy drive.

I have spent far too little time looking into what this system really contains, it's either been out of reach or other machines have taken priority.

Just arrived in the new house... no, I didn't pick the color of the wall, it was so when I bought the house. Good match though.


Probably complete and in running condition. Other than that I don't know a lot about it. I haven't tested it or even opened up the crate to see the configuration.


Mostly unknown.

  • Probably no hard disk.
  • Floppy : 5.25" floppy
  • Power supply serial 318
  • Front panel and operators console
  • Plastic front and back covers.

CPU crate

Unknown configuration.

Die cast serial number plate.


  • Unknown previous history.
  • Received with a lot of other computers in the Teg collection.

Future plans

  • Doing a proper inventory
  • Test the hardware
  • Add a 8" floppy drive and possibly mount a loose SMB drive in the base.
  • Use it for imaging floppies


The system belongs to Göran Axelsson and is located in a storage close to Umeå, Sweden.