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If you contribute to the NDWiki, you are publishing every word you post publicly. If you write something, assume that it will be retained forever. This includes articles, user pages and talk pages.

Simply visiting the web site does not expose your identity publicly (but see private logging below).

When using a pseudonym, your IP address will not be available to the public except in cases of abuse, including vandalism of a wiki page by you or by another user with the same IP address. In all cases, your IP address will be stored on the wiki server and can be seen by NDWiki's server administrators and by users who have been granted "CheckUser" access.


The wiki will set a temporary session cookie (PHPSESSID) whenever you visit the site. If you do not intend to ever log in, you may deny this cookie, but you cannot log in without it. It will be deleted when you close your browser session.

More cookies may be set when you log in, to avoid typing in your user name (or optionally password) on your next visit. These last up to 30 days. You may clear these cookies after use if you are using a public machine and don't wish to expose your username to future users of the machine. (If so, clear the browser cache as well.)


User passwords are the only guarantee of the integrity of a user's edit history. All users are encouraged to select strong passwords and to never share them. No one shall knowingly expose the password of another user to public release either directly or indirectly.

Private logging

Every time you visit a web page, you send a lot of information to the web server. The web server routinely maintain access logs with a portion of this information, which can be used to get an overall picture of what pages are popular, what other sites link to this one, and what web browsers people are using. It is not the intention of the NDWiki staff to use this information to keep track of legitimate users.

Sharing information with third parties

Except where otherwise specified, all text added to NDWiki is available for reuse under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.

The NDWiki staff will not sell or share private information, such as email addresses, with third parties, unless you agree to release this information, or it is required by law to release the information. When required by law to release such information, the NDWiki staff will notify, when possible, those members of the community whose personally identifiable data has been sought through, or produced as a result of, civil or criminal legal process.


You need provide your e-mail address in your Preferences to be able to edit this wiki. Other logged-in users will be able to send email to you through the wiki. Your address will not be revealed to them unless you respond, or possibly if the email bounces. The email address may be used by the NDWiki staff to communicate with users on a wider scale.

Removal of user accounts

Once created, user accounts will not be removed. It may be possible for a username to be changed. The NDWiki staff does not guarantee that a name will be changed on request.

Deletion of content

Removing text from NDWiki does not permanently delete it. In normal articles, anyone can look at a previous version and see what was there. If an article is "deleted", any user with "administrator" access on the wiki can see what was deleted. Information can be permanently deleted by those people with access to the server, but there is no guarantee this will happen except in response to legal action.

This page is a shorten down and modified copy from meta.wikimedia.org.