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This is the Trading page where members of the wiki could add for sale or wanted ads. Just add what you want to sell or trade together with contact information on top of the respective list. Remove it when you found or sold it.

Searching for

  • I am looking for programs and documentation on micro code programming on ND-100 series machines. Contact information on my user page : User:Gandalf

For Sale / Donation / Trade

  • About 80 Notis VT220 terminals (NOKIA NOTIS VDU, ND 200-0284) are available in Umeå. More things will appear soon. Everything must be gone before the end of april. Located in Umeå, Sweden. Contact Göran on 073 98 67 881 or axelsson@acc.umu.se for more details.
  • A lot of extra documentation have surfaced after the big move. Anything with more than one example of in the Umeå collection is up for trade.

Third party trades