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NDWiki is a encyclopedia about the former computer manufacturer Norsk Data and its products. NDWiki is written collaboratively by its readers, sharing their knowledge. The site is a Wiki and it follows a similar setup to Wikipedia.

Browsing NDWiki

NDWiki contains a wide span of subjects that we have put in to different categories, that spans from Category:Hardware to Category:Software.

You can also search for text among NDWikis articles. Just go to the "search" field to the left, enter your search term and click "search".

Editing NDWiki

To eliminate the risk of vandalism and spamming the wiki, anymous edits are not allowed. You need to create an account to be able to edit. See the introductory guide for instructions or simply create an account if you want to edit right away.

About the server

The NDWiki runs on a PC with a P4 2.6GHz CPU and 1024 MB of memory. The Operativ System is Debian Linux. The webserver is Apache 2.4 running MediaWiki version 1.38.2.

A daily backup of the Wiki database run each night. It can't be exposed publically, since it contains the user passwords.