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3043 is the ECC disk controller SMD control.


What does it do?

Switches and indicators

  • LED1 WG - write gate lit when the disk head writes.
  • LED2 RG - read gate, lit when the disk head reads.
  • LED3 FORM - write format, lit when the controller formats.
  • LED4 PAR - read parity, lit when the controller checks parity.
  • LED5 COMP - compare transfer, lit when the controller compares data after a read / write.
  • LED6 ECC - ECC operation, lit when the controller performs error-correction calculation.
  • switch for cable-type setting (pos. 7E): concerns B-cables only (B-cables are the cables going directly from the computer to the disk unit). The daisy-chain cable may be flat or round. Switch 7E consits of four switches, one for each disk unit (units 0 - 3). The switch must be OFF when the B-cable is round, and ON when the B-cable is flat.


The A and B connectors are used for I/O, the C connector is used for the ND-100 Bus.

I/O Devices on the card


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