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In addition to the interactive timesharing communication with the SINTRAN III operating system, the user may also execute jobs in batch mode.

Batch jobs are executed independent of any terminals, under control of a Batch Processor. A batch process must be initiated by the user SYSTEM before any users may submit jobs to be executed under its control. An installation may have several batch processors running simultaneously, with different execution priority, if desired.

The users may build batch-input-files in a similar way to the @MODE command. A batch-input-file contains all commands and input lines necessary to carry out the requested activities, and may be stored on a disk file, punched on paper tape, or comprised of a card deck.

The user submits this batch-input-file for execution: by appending it to a batch queue and by specifying the file name in the @APPEND-BATCH command. In addition, the user gives a name of an output file or a device unit where the command response and results should be written. In the case of a file name, this file may later be emptied on a line printer.

In other installations, it may be suitable to give job decks to an operator, who will submit them for execution from the card reader.[1]


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