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Computer, an electronic device used for automated calculations... is this page really needed on this wiki? It was the 23:rd most wanted page in the "Wanted page list".

Well... here we go...

One of the earliest computers made by Norsk Data AS was the NORD-1. Variations on the NORD-1 gave rise to the NORD-2B and the NORD-4 machines that targeted specific markets. A couple of years later the NORD-10 was developed. The first version came with core memory but later there were the NORD-10/S where S was short for Solid state memory.

At the end of the ND era, the computers became more integrated, more powerful and quite impressive. Among the legendary CPU:s are the ND-120 and ND-5800 CPU:s, a truly awesome team when they come together in the ND-5900/4 computer.

Bummer, I totally failed to describe what a computer is... but I don't care enough to rewrite it.