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The NORD-50 monitor is a subsystem in the SINTRAN operating system, supervising execution of NORD-50 programs.[1]

To use the monitor, it must have been loaded into SINTRAN as an RT program. The monitor is then started under SINTRAN by typing


on a terminal connected to the system.

Main tasks[1] of the monitor are:

  • loading programs from files into NORD-50 memory. These programs must have an executable format prepared by the NORD-50 loader. (:NOR5)
  • starting the programs.
  • reporting errors during program execution.
  • examining the NORD-50 registers / memory after the programs have come to a stop (normal or abnormal stop).


The '*' is written by the monitor.[2]

*PLACE <file name or number> 
load a program
Start execution of the placed program
*LOAD <file name or number> 
Load and start execution of a program, in effect PLACE and RUN
*GO TO <address> 
start in given address

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