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Monitor Calls

The text on the page is from a PDF copy of [1]. In my physical copy of [2], the Monitor Calls section reads:

The following four monitor calls are implemented in SINTRAN III in connection with CAMAC.

MON 147                   CAMAC
T = data if write         Operates the CAMAC (executes NAF)
  (bit 0-4 = function)
  (bit 5-8 = subaddress)
  (bit 9-13 = station)
D = crate no. in bit positions 6-9
T = data if read
X = status
Norsk Data Document ND–60.228 SINTRAN III Monitor Calls manual , or at least the ND-860228.2 EN variant of it, appears to have some more details
for the NAF data/NAF register.
(bit 14 = X)
(bit 15 = Q)
"if Q=1 and/or X=1, then Q and X responses from the station are automatically checked"
-TArntsen 11:04, 18 July 2012 (UTC)
MON 150                   GL
A = -1 read last ident    Reads the GL register or the last CAMAC ident number
A <> -1 read GL register
D = crate no. in bit position 6-9
A = last ident if A = -1 on entry
A = GL reg. if A <> -1 on entry
MON 153                   IOXN
A = data if write         Executes a signle IOX instruction
D = IOX code (2000 octal < D < 4000 octal)
A = data if read
MON 154                   ASSIG
T = graded LAM            Assigns a graded LAM in the CAMAC ident table to a logical number in the logical number table
A = logical unit no.
  (A = 0 is used for high
   priority on level 13)
D = crate no.
A = -1 means wrong parameter


  1. Norsk Data Document ND–60.050.06 SINTRAN III USERS GUIDE printed 06/76 (from Notes: Version 06, Total revision, superceding all previous versions) documenting SINTRAN III version of June 1976
  2. Norsk Data Document ND–60.050.09 SINTRAN III USERS GUIDE printed 12/79 (from Notes: ND-60.050.08 version - including Revision A, B and C) documenting SINTRAN III version of 1979.