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The NORD Time Sharing System was designed and implemented over a period of three years. During the summer holidays of 1971, Bo Lewendal (system programmer at Norsk Data) implemented the initial version. It was further developed throughout 1972, and was a finished product in 1973.

NORD-TSS has the following general features:

  • Has a command interpreter (Utility Command Processor)
  • Can run FORTRAN, BASIC, MAC, QED, TRAM and more, and user programs
  • Has a general purpose file system with various types of access and protection modes
  • Peripheral devices are included in the file system
  • Has a HELP command
  • Has a DESCRIBE command (utility program or subsystem) for short descriptions of any command
  • Includes a MAIL subsystem for sending messages to other users
  • Includes a system for online communication with other users (internal IRC?)
  • Has a batch processing system
  • Has various commands for investigation and administration
  • Has a Monitor Call System to provide user access to input / output functions, string functions, formatting routines and file system routines (system functions)