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ND enthusiast, arsenic digger and basically weird!

My collection

Via different donations, both small and big I'm the proud caretaker of the following collection.

Individual machines


  • Four loose ND-100 CPU crates (1 2 3 4)
  • One ND-5xxx compact card cage without cards.
  • Tape drives
  • Two ND 511 HAWK disks (CDC 9427H-R HAWK CDD, SMB, 10 Mbyte, also marked ND 31-304) in cabinets. (1 2)
  • A cabinet with one ND 514 and one ND 586 drive. Donated by Dalby Datormuseum, a part of their NORD-10 setup.
  • A ND 585 Phoenix disk (CDC 9448 CDD, SMB, 16+16 Mbyte) for rack mounting.
  • A number of different loose disks
    • ND 138-0633 Fujitsu b030-4740-T002A M2322K 8 inch disk drive (168 Mbyte with SMB interface)
    • ND 106160 CDC 9715 340 Mbyte 9" FSD, part no 73088701 serial number 14328
    • ND 106160 CDC 9715 340 Mbyte 9" FSD, part no 73088701 serial number 13115
    • ND 106150 CDC 9715 500 Mbyte 9" FSD, part no 73089401 serial number 2555
    • ND 106170 CDC 9715 Mbyte 9" RSD, part no 72860001 serial number 13257
    • Several Micropolis SCSI disks
    • Some MFM drives
  • A whole lot of various cards and other loose pieces




    • 36 NOTIS VDU terminals, made by Nokia
    • A TELERAY 3541D terminal, came with the NORD-10/S from LUDD
    • A Teletype terminal, came with the NORD-1 from Gjövik fagskole
    • A Technovision CAD terminal, CLOU III, ND 111055 with digitizer, pen and two LCD screens
    • A rebranded Texas Instruments printer terminal.
    • Several Tandberg terminals of various models

Looking for...

But a collector never gets enough so what I'm looking for right now is

  • More information about the ND-5000 series of computers.
  • More CPU:s to upgrade my ND-5700 system.
  • A ND-5850 CPU or ND-5800 CPU.
  • Hardware information about OWS, also known as the butterfly
  • Microcode information for ND-110/ND-120 CPU:s
  • More ND-10 and ND-50 hardware
  • A 80 Mbyte CDC SMB cartridge disk to read the media I got
  • Paper tape reader / punch
  • Card reader / punch
  • Peripherals for the NORD-1, like drum memory or NCR 655 disk drive.
  • Cartridge drives to be able to read some of my media


Some of my ND projects beside this wiki

I made a brief showing at a local lan, Frostbyte 2013, with some of my computers, among other a ND-110 with a notis terminal.

Got some more documentation and software during spring 2016, among other things several versions of SINTRAN III and OWS-related stuff.

Restoration notes

  • Many fasteners are DZUS quarter turn quick lock. One source of these are Aeromateriel

Contact information

If you are interested in getting a ND system, want to get rid of a ND system or just chat about these computers, feel free to contact me.

Contact information:

I live in northern Sweden in Umeå.
Phone : +46 (0)73 98 67 881
email : axelsson at